Getting people back into Woking shops
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Woking Council is collaborating with NearSt to boost footfall and sales by getting your products into Google and in front of 1,000s of customers nearby.

How it works

NearSt's technology automatically connects to your inventory or POS system to show your in-store products in Google searches.

Here's how it works for people searching nearby:

What you can expect

Interested but prefer a call first? We’d love to speak.

Call us directly on 020 3870 3617 or leave your details here. We’ll ring you within a day.

What you can expect

An estimated 30-50 extra customers in your first month

4 weeks of Google "Local Inventory Ads”, funded by Woking Council

Easy setup and fully managed onboarding

Shopper insights showing what people are searching for

To keep forever

After the campaign all stores get to keep these footfall boosting features for free.

Your products in Google

Continue to show your products when people search for your store and easily activate an optional ad budget to keep attracting new customers.

Shopper analytics dashboard

Keep seeing how shoppers search for the products on your shelves. Learn what’s most popular and how they found your products and your store.