Getting people back into Mayfair & Belgravia shops
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Grosvenor is running a campaign to boost footfall and sales by getting your products into Google and in front of 1,000s of customers nearby.

The Campaign

Grosvenor has partnered with NearSt to advertise the products on the shelves of all participating retailers to nearby customers searching in Google.

NearSt's technology automatically connects to your inventory or POS system and gets your live in-store products into Google.

The two-month campaign this summer is expected to attract an average of 90-150 extra customers per store per month. This is an example how it works:

What you can expect

Two months of “Google Local Inventory Ads”, funded by Grosvenor

An expected 90-150 extra customers per month

Minimal setup effort required due to partnership with NearSt

Shopper behaviour analytics dashboard