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High Street Futures report now available

A study by research and innovation consultancy, The Future Laboratory in conjunction with NearSt examines how Real-Time Local Inventory (RTLI), an emerging type of data that shows where products are stocked in high street shops in real-time, is set to create a shift of shopping back in the high street.

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About NearSt

NearSt is a retail technology company getting more people into high street shops by connecting the live inventory of nearby shops to the web. We believe it should be easier to find something from a real shop nearby than order for delivery from an online shopping site.

Our NearLIVE technology platform makes this possible by connecting the products stocked in high street shops to local shoppers searching nearby. We do this using real-time local inventory technology - our unique single view of exactly who stocks what, where, and when.

By connecting Real-Time Local Inventory data to the sites, apps and services already used by shoppers we’re truly making buying local faster and easier than buying online.

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