Case Study - Watsons Home Hardware

For four weeks we ran NearSt PLUS for Watsons Home Hardware by actively promoting their products with Google Local Inventory Ads to local shoppers searching nearby, here are the results!


In total, over their four-week trial of NearSt PLUS, Watson’s Home Hardware saw a total of 159 direct interactions with their products in Google. They also extended their reach past their traditional marketing to 11,700 new potential customers with a daily spend of only £2.

What the team had to say

NearSt is a tool which allows small businesses like mine to get people to reconsider the high street and generally get them back in touch with the choices they truly have minutes away vs an online market place. It's simple, with no day to day maintenance, definitely worth the investment"

- Lennie, owner

Watsons now run NearSt Plus for both their Hardware and Homeware stores.

What's Next

If you are interested in joining, you can sign up directly by visiting or by calling 020 3870 3617.