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Run a shop? Join us


How we’re helping people find products in shops.

Our technology is enabling local shops to list live in-store inventory in all kinds of innovative ways. Check out some of the innovations we currently have live.


Google + NearSt

NearSt is connecting products in local shops directly into Google across the United Kingdom.


Unlocking the value hidden in our shops.

NearSt is made possible by our bespoke NearLive technology. It is a powerful platform that seamlessly integrates with all kinds of new and old POS systems. It allows us automatically extract what we call Real-Time Local Inventory data ready to feed it into partners like Google. Contact us to explore how NearLive can help your franchise or platform to get more people into real shops? Get in touch.

About our mission 

Getting people back into our high streets.

Max, Thomas and Nick founded NearSt in 2015, and ever since have been on a mission to get online shoppers back into real high street shops.

We believe that shopping from real shops should be easier and faster than buying online. That’s why we’ve dedicated all our energy for the past years to connecting the products in thousands of local shops to the millions of shoppers looking for them.

High street shops have a bright future ahead, and we’re working everyday to bring this future to all of us.

Friends for life

You might have heard about us before.

"How the high street can take on Amazon… and win"

"NearSt is allowing stores to innovate on a more fundamental level: convenience."

"Amazon without Amazon’. A hybrid of online shopping with the high street."